"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Who is your brother?

Is he the one from your mum & dad?
For sure he is!

But, is he your only brother?
For sure, he is not!

Is he the one that makes good for you?
Yes he is!

But, is the one that don’t make good for you, your brother?
Yes, also he is!

Are you a brother of all the people of earth?
Yes you are!

Do you know that?
I guess not!

Because your heart is blind!

How could you open your eyes?
Accept god!

Keep in mind & do what he wants from you!

What he wants?
Only love! True love! Full love! Eternal love! Unrelated to situations, to what you have, what you lose! Love without conditions, love that do not differentiate between people!
The one who have this love, for sure he is a brother of us all & his only enemy is the evil…

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