"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Saturday, November 13, 2004

God is love & only love…

They always talk about love until death!
But no one did it!
Barely someone can be dead for a good person, but no one even did it!
God visited our earth! Walked with us! Ate with us! Prayed with us!
& Finally, he faces death, just for us! Because he loves us so much!
Yes, he loves us until death!
He didn’t say a word! But one, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing!
Ah! We killed him!
We are killing him each moment! But he still love & love more!
No one at earth said these words while under the cross! Forgive them!
Forgive them!
Forgive me god!
Yes god! No one could die for a good person! But you died for us & we are not good!
& Till now, we are refusing you! Neglecting you! Forgetting you!
When we don’t need you we forget the pain you suffered & suffering each day!
And when we need help!
Oh god! You are always the only one that responds to us!
God! Forgive our little brain if a moment passed without you!
Forgive our sins, which are killing our hearts, our life!
Oh god! Thanks god for your extreme love!
Because without it! We are all already dead!

1 comment:

sadlers5 said...

dear sassine
you have a beautiful spirit
and you are not afraid to show it
the world is a beautiful place
and god is everything good in the world
i try to see some good in everyone
because jesus loved the sinners
he came for the sinners and he ate with them
and chose them even to be his apostles
he came to save us all
and he is our brother
he leads us to his father
and we know the devil
is very strong
and his legions are many
because they fight for every soul
but our guardian angel
helps us
if we ask him
so pray to your guardian angel
who is always with you
in every thing you do
and pray to god and your family and jesus and mary
every time you are tempted
by the world
we have our good and bad things we can do
and it is so tempting the flesh
the things of the world
say god keep me good
keep me pure
for you god
life is not easy
we have many trials
god is testing us
just like he tested his own son
life is hard but it is beautiful too
your friend,