"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Sunday, November 14, 2004


To everyone that feels he is working for god!
Be careful! Every word you say, each movement you do, all what you wear, all the places you go into must be an example…
Be careful! Because if you are working for god, what you do will be for sure not against you, but against god!
& The ones that hate god, will take it as defense toward what they are doing!
They will say: look, they pray & they are like that!
And I assure you that if you are not taking care for that, you will be condemned for your negligence to what god wants from you!
You are for help & not for destruction!
So please, walk on the good way, even if they will condemn you as old fashion!

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sadlers5 said...

hi, it is hard to be good all the time, i always pray that i am not setting a bad example, i try to be patient and kind to all that i meet, sometimes i get mad but it is over quickly, my mom always used to pray for patience when we were kids, god has so much patience with us and the world i am sure jesus and god see how we screw things up all the time and say how can we humans be so stupid, but jesus was human and god too so he understands, it is also up to the adults to show the children how to behave or they will have no faith or guidance either, take care, ann :)