"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Thursday, November 11, 2004

God is always right …

We always ask questions!
Want to know why?
Why is it like that & not like that?
And we choose our norms as reference!
What are our norms in face of god!
Norms created by a small brain, which is surrounded & limited by materialism!
Witch look to everything through dirty eyes!
How can we judge god?
To be a judge, you must have a power!
& We all don’t have this power!
You will say to me now, it’s not acceptable that I cannot ask!
I remember here the story of the blind man!
They asked Jesus! For sure it’s from our nature to ask, to know hidden things!
& We got the response! The wisdom of god must appear in him!
I will ask you now: how can you know the importance of your sight if you didn’t saw this man?
If I remember you sir! You must stay all the day praying & thanking god!
Because you have eyes, you have a nose, a hand, a foot … you can breathe without need to machines, you can walk, eat, and laugh…
You will say yes you are right! But why must someone suffer in such a way, to the wisdom of god! Why must this man suffer?
I will respond: He is suffering more because of the sensation that he is different! I understand too much the importance of sight! & For sure of everything!
But sir! I have eyes! & I’m suffering from my eyes, from what I’m sawing every day!
Isn’t better to have eyes & see the world destruction by the evil ways or to be blind to not suffer from it!
Isn’t better to have eyes & to not have an inner sight! I prefer to be blind & to be paralyzed, if my eyes & my arms & foots will make me powerful to make one sin. But sir, as you are & as I’m & as everyone is, be sure that all is made with perfection & God is always right, with no matter to how we judged his creatures…

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