"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Ask for god & only for god!

I remember here the story of the two sisters with Jesus! One was making the launch! & the other one staying near Jesus, full of happiness & peace! the first one came to Jesus asking why my sister is not helping me?
& what is Jesus answer?
She choosed the best to do!
She choosed to stay with god!

She forgot about everything else!
Do we one day, get out everything from our souls & just stay with god!
I assure you will gain!
Because all what we are doing dont have in itself a real meaning!
Be with god & for sure you will have everything else easily!
Be with god while eating... while walking... while driving... while working .......
But, please! please!
Be with god at least while praying!...

1 comment:

sadlers5 said...

yes i agree think of god always and offer up your day to god and ask him to help you be good today! :)