"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just An Action From You!…

I remember here the story of that man that was short & wanted to see Jesus while passing through his city!… He knew he could not see him because of the big number of people surrounding Jesus! He went up & stands on a tree!
He wanted to see Jesus!!!
He wanted Jesus to save him!
He knew that his life is full of sins, & that he need this doctor to help him!

And of course, Jesus understands our needs… And he knows us… each one by his own name!! All what we want from us is just asking him to come into our heart… to come & live in us!…

Just an action from us & he will be here!
So, lets making him feel that he is all what we want to be happy!
Lets do, just a movement to prove that we are only interested in him!
Lets make our hearts homes for him! Homes full of light & love!

Sassine El Nabbout

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