"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The World Light

They are publishing !...
There is no god !...
U believe , then you are a weak fool !...
They dont stop publishing !
We are the era of extreme developement & we dont need god anymore !
Some of them are saying that he didnt exist since the begining !
Others are saying , god is a creation & we created him !!!
Others are saying , where is he ?!
Why didnt he show himself to us ?!
We visited the moon & the other planets & he is not there !
We cannot believe in what we cannot see !
Anyway , the big number of them is saying almost always , i dont like what he want from us to do , he is stooling our freedom !!!
We are scientific , & for us one with one makes two , other than that i dont believe !
So ...Sorry !
But Sir , god is not a number !He is not for sure a chemical formula !And sir , i assure that you cannot see him if you dont have a heart !God's definition , he is the god !
Dont walk behind the words ! simply , he is god !
I dont want you to stop thinking ... he wants you to think !
He dont want nothing ! you are totaly free !
He gave u life , not your dad & mum !
You are free to care about everything , or to stay in your hell , saying : oh man ! i'm free !Free from what !
You are a slave !
A slave of evil !
Look at yourself !... you are surrounded , jailed inside everything !Even , you are not taking care of yourself !
This body sir , is full of bad ideas , that take you each moment up & down ! you dont even see the light !
You destroy yourself , to say , I'm free !
You are using everything to hide god !
God is not a sun that can be hided by a cloud !
A so small light from him will make the earth in peace !
A small look from him & you will be ok !
We will be ok !
But what can i do !
He is in front of you ! you dont see , but i guess that you dont want to see !You look only what you want to see ! sex , crimes , tears , war , pain , drugs ...
This is what is making you free !
Free of mind !
Or can we say it , free of self !
Is it freedom ?
Sir , the ones that wanted you to be free like that , are the one that are paying a dollar for media , & getting millions of dollars for each one they paid , just because you are empty of power , of creation ... empty of mind ...You only eat what they produce for you ... even you dont know what you are eating !!!...
Sir , they use media to kill !
So i will use media to distribute god word !
They pay for your hell !
I pass my time for your peace & freedom !
I'm not collecting for myself !
I'm with the one that i love , because he makes me free !
I believe , so i talk !
Now you know what i believe !
I guess you know it !
Just i love you my brother !
Forget about my name , just call me a little light in a dark room !....

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sadlers5 said...

it only takes one candle to light the way!