"I believed; therefore I have spoken."

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Word Of God

This blog i created in response to many things i met in my short life , evrything , that makes me believe more and more in the lovely god , that sent us his own word without any price , and died without any comment. Please dont take what is written right here in a personal way , because i'm not blaming any one , all what i want is a better life for me and u all !

Sassine El Nabbout MD.

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sadlers5 said...

i was angry because my niece renee did not come to visit me and michelle at the fair even though she went one day with ben and their friends, i even called ben's cell phone to find out where they were but no answer, and we were camping out with the horses there too, she was up on the hill at the rides etc, she said her friends didn't want to go down to where we were, i said renee we waited all day for you to come, i cannot tell michelle that she was there and did not come down the hill she will feel too bad, i said renee family is important you should have said well i can go meet them and come back here in an hour. but now i let go of this as my sister said ann you cannot live in the past today is a new day, yes jesus died for us so that we may all have a brand new day with no hurt and no pain just love! so today i smile because god is making a new day for me and i will go visit little lucas who is always happy! jesus said, unless you are like a little child you will not enter the kingdom of god so let us all live for the children and learn from them :)